1. Doldra

    Doldra Meleesexual Guild Officer

    Expecting a very bad storm this evening. With my luck we will likely lose power. I'll try to be on when I can, but for the moment it is unlikely I can make it tonight.
  2. Doldra

    Doldra Meleesexual Guild Officer

    Minor update, officially at tornado warning for much of the night. And yet next week it's supposed to fucking snow. Thank you February.
  3. Auki

    Auki Aids and Air Conditioning Raider

    Want some of my flooding to go with it?
  4. Ranubris

    Ranubris Retired Retired Raider

    Are you in Charlotte Doldra? My gf is there and she told me they have a tornado warning as well and lost power already in their school.
  5. Doldra

    Doldra Meleesexual Guild Officer

    No, I'm up in Southeastern Pennsylvania. It's been raining all day and I can kinda hear it getting worse.

    And as I initially hit post the sirens for the fire station nearby just started going off.
  6. Thangrol

    Thangrol Hitman Raider

    Here in Raleigh it's definitely tornado weather. Winds were like a hurricane when I was walking from my car.

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