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  1. Adare

    Adare Hitman Raider

    1.)Character Name: Adaremx
    2.)Character Class: Mage
    3.)Which role are you primarily applying for?: Ranged DPS
    4.)Armory Profile Link:


    6.)Please provide us with a link to your WoL parses:

    7.)Why do you want to join TFB?:

    I have a lot of friends here. They like raiding here, so I assume I would as well.

    8.)Please provide us with a screenshot of your raid UI

    9.)Are you easily offended by racist, sexist, or other such humor?


    10.)Do you have any friends within TFB? Any enemies?

    I have plenty of friends, most of Inept that went here, I've known Pockit for a while as well as Stallions, etc from back when we used to do joint runs of Heroic Siege on our alts.

    11.)Do you have any alts worth mentioning?

    Nothing worth mentioning right now, as they're all Horde on Zul'jin still, but I can provide links to them or answer any questions about my history with them as needed!

    12.)What is the absolute latest time you can raid?

    I can raid until whenever. I'm in California so these times are early.

    13.)Please note our raid times are in EST, are you able to make those times stated above?


    14.)We raid from 7-11 on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. What time zone do we raid in?


    15.)If the raid leader was to wrongfully chew you out in the middle of a raid how would you react?

    I've been in this situation as the wrongful one. If it's immediately detrimental to the strategy we're trying to employ, I try to explain myself so we can continue pushing forward. If it's something that maybe they just got frustrated about, I'll save it until after the raid or just drop it. It's annoying to have your time wasted and that's not really what raiding is about. It's usually nothing personal anyways.

    16.)If you were asked to sit out for a raid that you signed up for in advance how would you react?

    As long as I get a shot at getting relevant pieces I need to perform, I don't mind.

    17.)What two websites do you visit for the most WoW information related to your class?

    I feel like most people answer this type of question the same these days, and I'm not attempting to be a smartass. Most meaningful discussion is done in class discords, with other players of your class at a level similar to yours or higher, or by delving through warcraftlogs and looking for cast optimizations and such. If I had to choose, Warcraftlogs and Hall of the Guardians (Discord for Mages)

    18.)A penguin walks through the door right now wearing a sombrero. What does he say and why is he here?

    "Yikes, what am I doing here?"

    19.)Why are you actively searching for a new guild? What expectations do you have for us?

    Well, I want to get back into the swing of things for BfA. I took a big break from the game after my last guild (Inept) died and I really miss the sense of teamwork and accomplishment you get from killing a Mythic boss with your pals. This is really my only choice as far as guilds go because to me, the most important thing is enjoying my time with people I know. I expect an environment that will be focused on getting bosses down in a timely manner while still having a fun atmosphere to raid in.

    20.)How long have you been playing WoW and how many guilds have you been a member of?

    I've been playing WoW since late Vanilla/early BC. I've been in 3 guilds that mattered, Encore on Ysondre (not the one you're thinking of initially), Realm Last, of which I was the GM, and Inept, of which I was an Officer/GM.

    21.)What is your longest tenure in any one guild?

    Greater Than 3 Years

    22.)How active do you plan to be on the forums during your tenure here?

    Multiple Times A Day

    23.)What previous raiding experience do you have?

    I've raided casually in BC, and took a more serious approach starting in Wrath.

    I cleared all content on Heroic in Wrath (granted it was post nerf, rip Ysondre)

    In Cataclysm I cleared about half of the bosses on Heroic in my priest before transferring to Sarg to create Realm Last. From Dragon Soul to Blackrock Foundry we cleared all content with Cutting Edge excluding T14, missed about 3 of those bosses I believe.

    Towards the end of WoD, I was invited to join Inept (formerly Going Ham) and we cleared all content on Mythic from HFC to Tomb of Sargeras, where we eventually disbanded on KJ.

    24.)What can we expect from you in our raids?

    I believe myself to be an extremely versatile player. As a former GM I would often give myself odd jobs that involve soaking or weird positioning, especially while playing mage, or warlock when they still had personal port baseline because I felt like I could handle it and get it done effectively and efficiently. Back in Siege of Orgrimmar, I kited Iron Stars when we lost the monk that did it, often at a detriment to my own damage, but just because it needed to be done. There are other examples but this is one that sticks out to me, probably just because I enjoyed that period of the game so much.

    25.)Despite our 3 day a week raid schedule and having an application that tests your humor, we can be very serious about DPS/HPS, reflexes, and raid attendance. These will be heavily critiqued by the raid leader. Can you handle this kind of criticism?

    Yes, if you want to be the best you always have to strive to improve. With this comes criticism. I'm no stranger to it.

    26.)What do you feel are the most important aspects of your class and spec? What do you bring to the raid and how do you maximize it?

    Well, as a mage, you provide a ton of utility.

    You have a ranged interrupt that is off the GCD, not a huge deal but compared to some of the other ranged interrupts added to the game over the years, it's pretty nice. You can seamlessly interrupt while maintaining damage if you are comfortable enough.

    More obvious things include Ice Block, for immunity on odd debuff style mechanics, as well as blink for getting into position for things like Mistress Hydra Shots, or getting out of large ground mechanics that other classes might be punished for. These things are fairly obvious to anyone who's played the game for some time, but they allow skilled players to maximize their damage output and minimize healing required, something I consider important for progression.

    As far as spec specific things go, I'm still getting my feet wet again, but frost has essentially been the single/2 target spec this expac, outside of EN, where fire reigned. Fire has sort of been this multi/spread/DoT focused spec, certainly capable of fine single target but really shined in situations where things were not stacked super tight, but still needed to be burnt down. I never got the lego bracers for fire so I never dabbled with it for single target post EN, outside of niche uses/fun. Arcane has been an odd thing for me, I always saw it used for burst AoE, haven't felt a need to play it much this expac and learn the nuance.

    In any case, if it's the most optimal spec to play for progress, I'll learn it, and play it well.

    27.)If there's anything else you want to add; either a self bio, information about friends who may join, or if you simply want us to know something not asked, this is the time to let us know.

    My name is Chris. I'm 23, from California. I know my gear isn't the greatest but I'm actively looking at getting it up to snuff. I've been on a long break since Inept broke up, but I'm looking to come back and get ready for BfA to raid competitively again.

    28.)TFB has no guarantee that server transfers will be automatically accepted into the guild. Failure to perform at our level or failure to attend raids reliably during your recruitment period can and will result in denial. Do you accept this risk?


    29.)How did you hear about us?


    30.)What is your current artifact level on your weapon? Do you have any legendaries?

    Frost is 67. Working on getting more legendaries, I have the time warp ring already.
  2. Adare

    Adare Hitman Raider

    Here's a UI pic. I guess the embed is broken.

  3. Adare

    Adare Hitman Raider

  4. Calberin

    Calberin Xzerath Raider

    Thank you for expressing interest in The Family Business! I took a break for a couple months at the conclusion of NH, so I understand the undergeared situation you find yourself in. I've combed over your log page and a few specific logs, and I'd like to ask you a few questions, mainly pertaining to mage specifically.

    I understand the hardship of not having your bracers. I too was running helmet + ring in ToS, until I realized the power of Prydaz's secondary stats with Glacial Spike, and I started running neck + ring with GS for results similar to what I could pull with TV. You have logs with both Prydaz and Shard, and by not taking the helmet you can run 2 set 4 set. As the neck + ring GS build was putting out numbers comparable to neck + ring TV, and GS would pull ahead on any fight in which you could take advantage of Splitting Ice, why did you opt to run TV instead of GS? If you simply prefer to play TV over GS I can understand that, GS is leads to less procs as you spend every 6th Frostbolt on Glacial Spike, which has the pseudo effect of cutting your procs by 1/6th (this does not take into account Frozen Orb or Ebonbolt, of course). However, I can't understand why someone in your legendary position would not play GS on fights such as Demonic Inquisition or Harjatan. GS will simply outperform IV on those fights without the bracers, and it can still compete with an IV build which does run bracers on said fights.

    This leads me to my next question. Our raid setup during ToS was 1 fire mage, 1 frost mage, and 1 mage that swapped back and forth depending on the fight. I was the frost mage, so I am not going to ask why you preferred playing the suboptimal spec for AoE fights, except for one. On Fallen Avatar, fire significantly outperforms frost due to Ignite and having a second target to use Firestarter on. While my gear was perfect for frost and terrible for fire (minus legendaries), I still opted to play fire for that fight to help push damage on both the boss and the maiden. Did you play frost for Fallen Avatar because the cleave damage wasn't needed, you lacked the gear/legendaries for the spec to truly shine, or inexperience with the spec compared to frost?

    On Mythic Harjatan (as well as all difficulties I believe) a wave of adds spawn roughly 15 seconds in. This is the perfect time for Frozen Orb, as not only will it help kill the adds faster with FO/Blizzard combo, but more targets getting hit by your orb means more Ice Lances, which means more single target damage (and cleave, if you run Splitting Ice). On the two logs I looked at on the fight, you opted to cast FO immediately after your Ebonbolt pull combo. What is your reasoning behind using FO on the pull instead of saving it for 15 seconds?

    I have a concern about your artifact level and lack of a proper 2nd legendary. If you started taking a break from raiding when Inept died, that would have given you a total of seven months to reach 75 and obtain your legendary of choice. I realize asking someone to keep their character up to speed with artifact power and continuing to fish from legendaires when not raiding is a bit much, but reaching 75 should be fairly easy to reach at the moment. How long ago did you come back to the game, when did you decide to raid again, and if a trial is extended to you how quickly can we expect you to reach 75 in your weapon?

    Finally, I have two questions about gear. I'd like you to explain frost mage stat weights. Are there any thresholds we have to reach? Do those thresholds change based on gear? Why do you gem versatility instead of critical strike, haste, or mastery? Is 200 in your preferred secondary stat better than 150 in your primary stat for frost mages? How about tier sets - if you had access to NH and ToS 2 set of identical item level, which would you prefer to run? Or would you simply stick with ABT 4 set without an extra 2 set?

    I apologize for the long post, and I look forward to reading your responses.
  5. Adare

    Adare Hitman Raider

    Hey Xzerath, I'll try to answer your questions on my lunch tomorrow at work or right after. Thanks for your response!
  6. Spencer

    Spencer Hitman Raider

    I suggest Majorly looking into logs of En mythic for Fire and Frost for Tov as he was main Mage then. as the guild progressed Adare was the one to switch to healing Restodruid in NH Second boss starting a fresh character and grinding out AP then later Guardian druid when our Tank quit at the end of NH, and then again switched To Blood Dk for TOMEGALULS .90% of people know who this is so if you need my Input ask me in discord. Also Xerath to answer 1 question on Mythic fallen avatar we asked our mages to play frost because it did more single target damage seeming we had 1 boomkin 3 locks 2 shadow priests.
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  7. Cal

    Cal Hitman Raider

    Chris is a nice lad duckTenTenwould recruit (also good raider but I'll let you dps folks evaluate him).
  8. Adare

    Adare Hitman Raider

    Alright, I'm ready to answer some questions!

    The reason I never really swapped out of TV to GS was a lack of comfort with the spec due to a lack of experience with it, as well as being in a position as a raid leader in our guild. A lot of our strats had a very involved, vocal role for me and while I'm comfortable speaking up, I preferred to play the spec that I was very comfortable with so my performance wouldn't be a detriment. I was the down/up group caller for DI while progressing on it as a tank, and stayed in that role for efficiency purposes for a lot of our farm. Same thing with Harjatan - I would call egg groups out for the raid to move to, cooldowns etc. I feel like it's worth noting that I did progress 7/9M as a tank so a lot of my tendencies lead towards efficiency in clearing, and not trying to parse. When I main dps for a whole tier/expansion, whatever the situation, I am typically a lot more aggressive with my talent choices in min maxing. Anyone who played with me as a warlock main back in MoP can attest to this!

    As for Fallen Avatar, due to not having pyro bracers, I actually did more damage pull to pull to the boss as frost than as fire. As Spencer noted above, we had a very cleave heavy raid so I opted to stay frost after a bit of testing to push boss damage as Maiden damage was never really a huge concern.

    With Mythic Harjatan, we ran into a similar occurrence as with FA. There were pulls where I'd save Orb, and adds would literally get deleted by an Arcane mage, hunters, warriors, etc. Definitely an optimal usage of it, but I felt like I was missing a cast or two by saving it. I believe I did save my 2nd or 3rd orb for adds if the timing was close enough, but the crit damage from set bonuses during my opener was more valuable and consistent to me.

    So, my artifact level is currently 68. I'm going to be running M+ as well as activities that grant AP in general to try and get my frost weapon to 75 asap. Obviously with this comes the grind for legendaries as well. I've been thinking about returning to raiding for a few weeks now and I decided to pull the trigger on it instead of playing with the idea - it also feels like the appropriate time to try and get my foot in the door. Ideally I'll be able to reach 75 in about a week or two, it's hard to give a definitive answer to this question but I'll put in the effort to get it done as quickly as possible.

    At the time of my gear setup (might be a bit wonky as I'm slowly acquiring upgrades), I opted for ~10ilvl (with decent itemization ofc) > vers >= haste > crit until cap > mastery. With a bit of individual sims and speaking with the other guild mage at the time, Snackz, we came to the conclusion that remaining right under the crit cap (33%) and stacking as much versatility and haste as possible yielded higher damage than anything else at the time.

    After looking at the ABT tier bonuses for mage, I'd definitely opt for ToS 2pc/ABT 4pc, reasoning being, I'll maintain more raw stats from the higher ilvl ToS pieces, as well as it synergizing(sp?) very well with the 2/4pc. You can hardly say no to crit damage while FOrb is active.
  9. Calberin

    Calberin Xzerath Raider

    While frost mage stat priorities are fairly fluid at the moment (haHAA), in the past (and future) that was different: in NH, the first tier where frost was relevant this expansion, it was extremely important to reach a critical strike value between 30% - 33.33%. Part of this was due to how Icy Veins worked at the time making it possible for pseudo-infinite uptime, and part was due to a normal amount of secondary stats and not the influx of secondary stats we have now (and a trinket). If you intend to play frost mage at the start of the new expansion, it is in your best interest to note the proper stat priority as crit shatter cap > vers OR haste (more on this later) >= haste or vers > intellect > crit > mastery.

    The question I was really asking when I asked about stat weights is whether or not you currently prefer haste or vers. I see that you are gemmed vers at the moment, and while haste and vers sim virtually the same, some mages prefer one over the other. For instance, Fez and Digerati prefer haste, while I (and apparently you) prefer vers. There is one advantage to gemming haste, and one advantage to gemming vers. Can you elaborate on what these two advantages are?
  10. Fez

    Fez The Hat Raider

    Just chiming in to say I'm satisfied with all these responses. You seem to have a decent handle on the class. Parses are alright, I don't see any glaring issues from a quick look through logs. Ultimately though it's up to Ast to decide if he wants to take on someone who hasn't yet touched the tier we've been farming for weeks.
  11. Adare

    Adare Hitman Raider

    After a quick chat with you in discord, I feel like my answers should have been obvious to me. I've been trying to avoid spewing out things that should seem obvious so maybe that was to my detriment haha. In any case, I appreciate the feedback I've been given so far and thanks Fez for the kind words! I'll be checking back regularly for any more responses.
  12. Adare

    Adare Hitman Raider

    Quick update - weapon is close to 72, looking to have it 75 some time next week.

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