Apping to TFB (Expectations, Loot, Dubstep)

Discussion in 'Applications' started by reohh, Apr 4, 2014.

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    If you want to contact any of us in-game before even applying to ask some questions, you can contact me in-game with my battle tag: Astraeus #1841. You will always find me online at a minimum of Monday, Wednesday and Thursday nights at 7-11 PM EST. I could be on at any other time, but those are guaranteed times.

    As a guild who's been slugging away at bosses for a decade and a half, we've gotten into a fairly consistent rhythm for how we do things. As an applicant, we really aren't going to treat you much differently from anyone else. We want people to show up prepared, do good HPS or DPS, and receive loot in a gracious and generous manner keeping the interests of the GUILD first, yourself second.

    Be on time to the raid. Do the best you can. Learn from your mistakes by not repeating them. Know the fights as best as you can BEFORE you're in front of them, and you'll do fine. You'll be invited to more and more raids until eventually you're just not an applicant anymore, you're part of the family.

    You can expect your loot priority to be rather low. You're not going to get that titan forged gear with the socket in first few weeks, but we'll make sure your ilevel doesn't fall so low that you're a hindrance on progression (or getting sat on progression due to ilvl reasons). Once we're reasonably sure you aren't going to bail the moment we have a bad week, you'll get the gear you deserve... depending on your performance for your ilvl bracket.

    Show up, put up some good numbers, have fun and don't be a dickhead, and we'll all have a good time clearing the latest raid. Worry much less about your status as an applicant and worry more about doing the fight to the best you can. Nobody gets removed after one raid week, and you won't either. Good luck, and have fun.
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    Good god this is outdated. Will edit it some other night when I'm feeling a little less lazy.
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    Astraeus Pope Benedict Arnold XIV Senior Officer Raid Leader

    If you want to contact any of us in-game before even applying to ask some questions, you can contact me in-game with my battle tag: Astraeus #1841. You will always find me online at a minimum of Monday and Wednesday nights at 7-11 PM EST (Two of our raid times). I could be on at any other time, but those are guaranteed times.

    I'm going to compile about three of the threads that were up here into something a lot more brief that gets directly to the main points. I'll start with the obvious.

    Click here for the guild application

    Applying to the guild (The Application):

    1. Please do NOT type like a stormwind/orgrimmar Trade chat warrior. I don't want to see things like the following: sum1, lulz, wuz. Just type it out like you actually give a damn. I don't care how you type once you're in the guild, but show ME that you care.

    2. Know your class. This isn't a guild for casuals. Our 3 day a week schedule stems from us being able to generally complete the content without sacrificing our entire week to do it. It doesn't come from our inability to commit to the game. Everyone is expected to know their class inside and out. If I have to figure out how to DPS for you, we aren't interested. More importantly, there are several questions on the application that specifically ask you to list your class's strengths, and its priorities in gearing.

    Expectations during the trial period:

    Obviously this matters depending on your role but let's make some points that apply to all classes.

    Loot: You're expecting to /roll with everyone else when things drop just so we know that you could use it, but obviously if anyone from the main group needs it, you won't get it. You need to be OK with this. Any applicant who starts making a hissy fit about loot, NO MATTER THE CONSEQUENCES, will immediately be turned around in just about all cases. You may not agree with losing a Heroic piece to someone who has the normal when you're in LFR, but you need to understand that we have no idea if you'll still be with us for 1 year, 1 month, or 1 raid. Even if it's going to someone's off spec, you're not there to get loot. You're there to prove your worth first. This follows into #2

    DPS/HPS output: As an applicant, the only time you're going to get something is when nobody needs it, or sometimes when the people who need it for offspec/sidegrade are feeling nice and decide to let you have it. As such, no one is expecting you to be top of our meters, healing or DPS. What we don't expect are players with a 3-5 ilevel difference doing a 50% DPS/HPS difference without some kind of extenuating circumstances. To be blunt, we aren't expecting you to out damage us, but we are expecting you to be SOMEWHERE RELEVANT on our meters. These are two completely different things, so please don't over analyze this. It's OK to be on the bottom of our meters. It's not OK for the tank to beat you, ever.. especially on fights where your class may shine (AoE classes on AoE fights beaten by tanks will be laughed at on their way out of the guild).

    DPS Expectations: First and foremost, don't die. Secondly, show us that given a certain item level, you can rise above your limitations to some degree, or at the very least, don't blame your lower ilevel on you doing literally 50% DPS of your peers. We all know how much gear matters, but we also know how much skill comes into play as well. We can and will review your #'s (spell casts, crit %'s, proc usage, uptimes) if we feel there's something missing, and if we come to you to talk about your DPS, we expect you to be open minded and accept constructive criticisms. Throwing a hissy fit and blaming your DPS on substandard gear or circumstances such as lag, frame-rate, real life distractions during raid time without entertaining the idea that there are aspects of your rotation you can improve will be immediate app denied.

    HPS Expectations: Firstly, don't die. Secondly, I know a lot of other guilds don't weigh in on HPS meters half as much as I do, but it WILL be something we look at. We don't agree with "Well the boss died, so my 9k HPS was obviously enough!". We are always looking for better and better players, and we aren't going to tolerate a healer doing piss-poor HPS because they are over-conserving mana or overhealing. You're only causing a bigger strain on the other healers when you do this. It's all very simple: A boss does X DPS to the raid, and 6 healers need to restore X HPS back. In a purely HPS stand point, I want those healers to be roughly even (class balance issues aside). Don't mistake this for me not realizing that some classes bring much more significant cool downs to some fights and sometimes lack a little HPS. I realize that mitigation cool downs in exchange for HPS are just as valuable (See: Holy Priest vs Disc).

    Social Expectations: Don't be a fucking tool. We have had far too many applicants who's egos have far exceeded their actual ability. I have a very unfair and asshole philosophy on this matter: If you're damn good, you can be Gregory House just about all you want.. but if you can't deliver perfection, don't act like you are God's gift to TFB Raiding. We have our elitist jerks, but I let them play that game because in general, they've earned it. The one thing I CANNOT stand are mediocre or slightly above average players acting like they're kind of a big deal. It is easily my #1 annoyance in the raiding community. Earn my respect, and then you can talk a little smack. Until then...

    Fast addition: If something bothers you, be it the way we handled something with loot, the way the asshole raid leader (me) said something to you, a possible strategy over-sight on a fight.. anything at all, you are invited to talk to any officer of your choosing who you think likes you the most. I especially ask that you come to me directly in just about any case.. I'm a lot nicer once you get to know me (I promise!). Do not hold onto something and let it sour your attitude toward the guild. We really do everything we can to make this guild a friendly place once you're here.

    Being in the guild for longer than a month w/o app acceptance, loot, etc:

    The first things to know about apping after you've demonstrated you're not pants on head retarded and that we'll keep you around for a bit is that our app process takes a while, if only because I cannot possibly get a good measure of anyone in 2 weeks. We invite you to the guild the moment you put up an application, so from day one, in all fairness, you're part of the family. How long you stay is completely up to you. Show up for raids, don't make too many stupid mistakes, and be a cool guy/gal and eventually you'll just fit in.

    Loot: 3 Months since the time the application is posted before you have equal priority with the rest of the guild. The exceptions are the following: Legendaries. We dish those out as we see fit.. that doesn't really require any explanation. Trinkets/Weapons/Set Pieces can and will be dished out on an individual basis if our loot council decides to step in and eliminate RNG for the betterment of the raid. A good example is when some classes are given god-like 4 piece set bonuses while the other set bonuses may be weaker. We will try and funnel the sets to these classes first. Trinkets can be redirected at will depending on player performance, same as weapons. I look at these important and high-impact loot items as my way of rewarding or punishing raiders. Deal with it.

    Final Words: This is a pretty damn laid back guild, all things considered. We expect everyone to show up already knowing how to play their damn class and we all do our respective things. We try and have a good time as best we can after some of us playing this game for 7 + years. We don't want type-A personalities annoying the fuck out of us. We don't want loot drama over something that's just going to drop again and again. We don't want to have to teach anyone how to play the damn game. We don't want to have to check your armory to make sure you're actually spending your valor. We raid for fun and the adrenaline brought on after downing a boss after several weeks of learning.. we hope that's why you're here, too. Good luck and most of all, have fun!
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