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    A friend of mine is hosting an ARK server if anyone is interested in playing. It's running several QOL mods and settings because none of us want to spend literal days in game for high level tames (most people obviously cannot commit to that with work and sleep anyway).

    If you don't know what ARK is, it's basically pokemon mmo with dinosaurs instead. You have a human character that you level and improve with attribute points and engrams you pick from to allow you to build structures, tools, weapons, dinosaur saddles, etc. You can tame dinos and equip most of them with saddles to ride them (most dinos have something they excel at better than the human - i.e. Brontos gather berries extremely fast, frogs can gather cementing paste from bugs directly instead of having to craft it, etc). Later you can breed dinos to make them stronger.

    Server info is here:

    We also run a Discord server if you want to voice chat while you play.

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