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  1. Celebrithil

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    So I'm gonna get a new mb, gpu, and cpu. Going all AMD because I have a freesync monitor. Curious if I should go all at once for installing it or one at a time. Any recommendations are welcome. I know nothing apart from random researching. I want a RX 580 gpu but haven't picked a case/model? for that yet if anyone wants to point me at one. Just using one monitor, but they're all like duel-everything so whatever. Needs display port for monitor. Current psu is 750W. I'm assuming that'll handle anything. My case is big enough for whatever I think. It's quite fat.

    Even links to good videos to watch for it are welcome.
  2. Celebrithil

    Celebrithil Bench Warmer Raider

    might wait for vega, not in any rush
  3. Auki

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    Well, you can either buy a new gpu first or mobo and cpu. Also, double check because most new mobos use DDR4 which means you would need new memory too. No point in buying a mobo alone or cpu alone since you'll need a new mobo for a new cpu period. Unless you wanted to split the cost up in which case do as you wish! :)
  4. Celebrithil

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    thanks auki!

    ah okay, i thought the ddr3 would still be fine. ill look into that too. so i kinda should throw it all in in one go ya? will my hdd be okay? got windows 10 and microsoft account set. i dont have an ssd, never saw the necessity for it, prolly missing out lol i could prolly do a fresh install of windows if i had to, but it would be nice if it was all good, and got the drivers on its own. saw something like that in a video of windows 10 just resetting all the drivers automatically, think that was just mb though
  5. Auki

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    Uh, you might have to do a fresh install of windows because it ties the windows installation to hardware ids and obviously if you have different hardware.. different IDs. but other htan that your HDD should be fine. Never tried to transplant a HDD with a OS installed to a new pc and see if the OS still booted.
  6. Celebrithil

    Celebrithil Bench Warmer Raider

    Ya windows 10 is smart like that, I'm just not sure how smart

    Just gotta have your windows 10 account linked to Microsoft account. You get like 1 or 2 free transfers for like new mb. Microsoft support will help hook you up if it's not working that way
  7. Shahad

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    An SSD is definitely worth it, even if it's just a small one for your OS and programs.
  8. Celebrithil

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    thanks Shahada. looked up getting a windows install from a usb stick. looks simple, just hope I don't need a new licence
  9. Julian5

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    Just to be sure there aren't any hiccups, what cpu + mobo setup are you considering? I'm assuming you are looking at something like a Ryzen 1600?
  10. Celebrithil

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  11. Julian5

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    The difference between the 1600 and the 1700 (assuming you overclock) is you get 2 more cores. The individual core is basically identical. You should consider if what you do can utilize those cores or not. At the same time, if money doesn't matter, it wont hurt to run the 1700, and you'll be well-prepared for a game like Star Citizen that (supposedly) can use all those cores. If you do any kind of heavy CPU multi-core workload though, the 1700 is a clear winner.

    A question: do you overclock? If so, then either of those should be perfectly fine. You can probably get 3.7 ghz on either processor with the stock cooler. Getting a slightly better cooler should let you get 3.8-3.9. 4.0 if you are lucky with the processor. Higher then that is unlikely, as Ryzen doesn't like to overclock higher then around 4.1 short of dumping extreme levels of voltage in it. If you DON'T overclock, you may want to consider a 1600x or a 1700x for better clocks out of the box for a few bucks more.

    If money isn't an issue, I would recommend some better RAM. Ryzen is still young, so it's memory compatability has some growing pains (though has improved dramatically over the past few months!), but you should be fine with a 3200 set. In particular, Ryzen has the fewest issues with ram using Samsung b-die, so I would recommend this one:

    It's 25%ish more expensive then 4 sticks of what you linked, but you'll gain some decent performance. Plus, if you are using that, I'd recommend changing the motherboard to

    which makes up for the increased RAM cost. This motherboard specifically since it's on the RAM maker's QVL, so the chances of it working with an XMP profile out of the box is dramatically higher. The motherboard you were looking at seems to not work as well with better RAM.

    Edit: As for the GPU side, I would highly advise to wait for RX Vega (which is supposed to be announced and/or released at the end of the month) for if no other reason then because of the current mining craze, which has made finding an RX 470/480/570/580 at reasonable prices quite....difficult. It's likely RX Vega wont be a good mining card for the price, so you'll probably be able to get it for only a little bit more then what an RX 580 can oftentimes be found at at current prices.

    Also, I second having an SSD. Shit's great.
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  12. Celebrithil

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    Thanks a bunch Julian! Means alot. I'll give a post back tonight. Food time atm.
  13. Celebrithil

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    So I'm not all about going ham on everything. I don't overclock. Don't even really know how. I do want a setup that will last a while, and I can still upgrade when it needs it. The big reason for this whole thing is my current mb can't take new gpus, prolly why the pc was on sale. I dunno. Also, some of the usbs don't work right. I'm thinking that is because of the faulty psu I had before this one from what I read about it. Also still concerned about that. 750W is still good for this? I don't want to get a new one of those.

    Was going with Ryzen 7 1700 because it seemed more popular on futuremark. Going with one of the X's would increase the wattage a fair little bit. I don't know if this is a big deal or not with all the other additions. I'd rather not have to get whatever the thing is to check total wattage.

    I agree with the gpu because they are all constantly out of stock lol And I need to save up a little more as well, especially if getting ssd. I should find one of those for the cart too, or maybe do the big buy when one of those goes on sale.

    One on sale right now actually lol

    could get it ahead of time I suppose

    so i understand I should boot off the ssd once it has an os, but can I still play games off the old hdd? gotta reinstall steam and shit? still use the same windows license? I should talk to some microsoft helper chat person

    Edit: looked into psu wattage stuff, prolly good, seems to depend mostly on what gpu lol

    Edit: was thinking, if I can't run games off old hdd, I could just copy pasta yes?
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  14. Julian5

    Julian5 Hitman Raider

    750W is plenty, x or not. Since you aren't overclocking, it's probably worth getting the x for the higher stock clocks, but it's up to you if a bit of performance is worth a bit more money.

    If all you use your computer for is playing games, you're probably better off going for a 1600(x). No real point in shelling out more for the 1700 if nothing will use the extra cores. Again though, it certainly wont hurt to get the 1700(x), so that's up to you.

    That is an excellent SSD, and it looks like a good sale (hard to tell for sure since canadian $, but it seems good).

    You can probably still play games off of the old hard drive. You would need to reinstall Steam probably, but you should just be able to point it to the old hard drive and it'll discover all your existing games. There might be potential problems with non-Steam games, but I'm not really sure. Worst comes to worst, you can always reinstall them.

    It's also probably worth sticking a couple of games on the SSD. Like WoW. That model you linked has 250 GB of storage, which is enough for the OS as well as a fair number of games. Just remember to use that space wisely and put things that don't need to be on the SSD onto the hard drive.

    Even with a high-end graphics card, your 750W PSU should handle that + any Ryzen just fine.

    What do you mean? Just copying the files from one drive to another? That doesn't usually work, as the installation of games usually changes things outside of the directory they are installed in. That's why I wasn't sure how things would go with non-Steam games.
  15. Celebrithil

    Celebrithil Bench Warmer Raider

    Copy from hdd to ssd. I'm pretty sure wow would do that just fine. But you say I can still play stuff off the old hdd so that's all good. I got shitty internet so it takes a long time to download things. Pretty well every game I have is through steam apart from blizzard stuff.

    Thx bunches Julian!
  16. Shahad

    Shahad Memeweaver Raider

    It depends on the game I think. When I was setting up PCs for a LAN party I was able to just copy-paste the steam folder with all the games and it worked fine.
  17. Celebrithil

    Celebrithil Bench Warmer Raider

    Thanks Shahada!

    I won't be able to copy the whole folder though. Like 500gbs lol Could copy everything but the steamapps folder and I guess copy pasta as I wanna play if the ssd would run them better. I'm guessing stuff with the better graphics and loading screens would be better on the ssd, otherwise no need.

    Should this ssd be mounted at all? I kinda got my hdd just chillin in one of the front cubbies

    I actually have an external ssd, anyone use these?

    Edit: just looked, my case has it built in anyway i think, hdd too fat for it though
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  18. Shahad

    Shahad Memeweaver Raider

    Hard drives I would recommend mounting because you don't want them moving while they're spinning. Doesn't matter for SSDs though
  19. Celebrithil

    Celebrithil Bench Warmer Raider

    After more investigating, I have discovered some dusty drawers that are the perfect size for a hdd. I'll check it out better when I take it all apart. It's been on a flat surface in this little cubby since I got the pc, so I'm assuming it can survive there a little longer.

    Checked some reviews on mb and one guy said he had it all going 30min after unboxing and windows 10 did most of the work. Still gotta have a chat some time with a windows/microsoft chat person. Maybe I get the ssd going before hand with os before the big transplant.
  20. Celebrithil

    Celebrithil Bench Warmer Raider

    So 1600x didn't come with cooler, i just assumed it would since all the others did, but whatever. How about this beast? Go big or go home.

    gladly take other suggestions if that is overkill

    motherboard and RAM are on sale atm so prolly get them now.

    also gotta say that the box the cpu came in had a huge empty spot just for the cooler lol but no cooler, read the label sticker on the outside first so i wasn't surprised when i opened it but cmon, there's a spot for it dammit, throw it in

    Also had to buy sata cable for ssd. Throw it in dammit, its like $5
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