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    As we all know professions are going to be -way- more in-depth and take a pretty hefty amount of crafting professions to make even simple stuff. Now if you're like me, your raiding character has two crafting professions because for the longest time it was just straight up considered necessary and with WoD making gathering easy as fuck via the garrison, you might be a bit out of luck.

    Now, if you're also like me, you don't want to drop your crafting professions because you have X old pattern or some such thing. There's good news that doesn't involve you having to level 4 alts to cover as many fucking gathering based things, outside of the rare materials that are World Quest related. Each reputation faction has a shoulder enchant at either Honored or Revered that causes everything you kill to have a chance to drop a bag containing relevant crafting materials.

    Court of Farondis - Revered - Gems (chips, uncommon, and rare)

    Dreamweavers - Honored - Fish and Herbs

    Highmountain Tribe - Honored - Leather/Scales, meat, and teeth/claws

    Valajar - Revered - Ore, uncommon gear, vendor trash gear

    The Nightfallen - Honored - Enchanting materials, large variety of potions and flasks, Ancient Mana. (One of the few options for Chaos Crystals early on before we start sharding tons of epic gear)

    The Wardens - Revered - Blood of Sargeras

    No Faction - Enchanting recipe Boon of the Scavenger - Tailoring base cloth

    If you're like me and have an obsessive need to provide yourself with your own raising materials, these are a valuable asset. With the exception of the herb bag the -DO NOT- provide the rare WQ materials, those will still necessitate an alt, but until you have time (which some may not) this all is very helpful.

    There is absolutely -NO- reason to not be using one of these enchants if you have access to them. They don't require X faction rep to activate, only purchase. They can be applied by somebody else in the same function as them enchanting without trading. They cost 100g a pop and there is no other form of enchant that applies to shoulders. What that means is get one, slap it on, and let crafting come to you as you do shit you normally would. Just opening up Obliterum is a pain in the ass, so let's help each other get that shit done.

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