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    I think we need one of these as well. It doesn't feel right to post in the TV thread.

    Make sure to use your spoilerino tags.

    Has anyone watched "Project Alamanac"? I just watched it. It was filmed similar to the way "Chronicle" (very enjoyable to watch as well) was. The actors holding the camera. The whole movie basically all on the one camera. I'm sure people have watched "Project X" also similar in the way it was filmed but he doesn't really show himself throughout in that one. Another on is "Earth to Echo" from last year. All fantastic, check em out.

    Edit: "Outpost 37" was another I watched recently like these. Another is "The Remaining".
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    Just watched "Chappie". It's an AI movie. You may recognize some of the actors from a music video someone linked on the guild website a while back with NSFW. It has Hugh Jackman and the lead actor from "Slumdog Millionaire" as well. Very touching ending and lots of chuckles throughout.
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    Those movies use a technique made famous by the Blair Witch Project called "found footage". Just saw Mad Max last night and liked it quite a bit.
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    I have heard Mad Max was fantastic. Also got a 99% on Rotten tomatoes.
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    Mad Max has HD uploads around the interwebs now if anyone is interested in watching it. I'll likely watch it tonight.

    Also, recently watched The Maze Runner. I kept telling myself to watch it and finally did. Pretty fantastic. It actually has the black guy from that new netflix show Sense8 in it. The lead actor of this movie is one of my favorites, Dylan O'Brien. It is highly likely that he will be the next Spiderman for the Marvel reboot though they may go for someone younger. The Maze Runner will also be having a sequel.

    Watched that new Cinderella movie as well. It's not really made for any audience. I'm not sure what they were thinking. Our boy from GoT playing the prince may have saved it from destruction.

    Also watched Get Hard, nice comedy, not really anything special about it.

    Edit: I also watched We'll Never Have Paris. Basically a romantic comedy. It has Melanie Lynskey (Two and a Half Men), Simon Helberg (Big Bang Theory), and Maggie Grace (Lost, Taken movies)
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    I love this thread. My time to shine!

    Mad Max - amazing. The cinematography was absolutely brilliant. They took a franchise from extinction and brought it back with such gusto that can't be replicated. The imagery was incredible. So was the story and the acting. All around this was my favorite movie of the year thus far.

    Avengers: Age of Ultron - I did like this movie but I'm not sure I liked it as much as the first Avengers. I follow the Marvel MCU pretty closely with the exception of a few outliers (Thor movies damn you). I like how they're setting us up for all the major events to happen in the coming years but to me this kind of felt like they could've done this better. The introductions to the new characters were cool but all in all probably about 8/10.

    Jurassic World - I just got back from seeing this. Nostalgia city! So much nostalgia in this movie it was hard to hate it. Even with the shitty plot, horrible plot holes, they literally ripped off Jurassic Park almost to a tee. Altogether a fun movie but doesn't compare to how amazing and suspenseful the original was. Dino battles saved that movie big time.

    Other movies I recommend:

    The Babadook
    Cabin In The Woods
    Wild Hunt
    Hot Fuzz
    The Mist
    Wreck It Ralph
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    Oh god...

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    Going to be the movie hipster in all these threads. Lately, I've been watching a lot of foreign films, so I'll list the ones that have really stood out for me:

    Good Bye, Lenin!
    Watched this one last night and fucking loved it. I would recommend it highly to anyone remotely interested in post-WW2 history and the East / West German divide. Bear in mind, it's a German film, so you're going to need English subtitles in order to watch

    Admittedly, this one isn't foreign, however the main protagonist of Good Bye, Lenin plays a main character in this film, which is why I was reminded of it. It's the story of the 1976 world championship of Formula 1 rivalry between Niki Lauda and James Hunt. Even if you have no interest in racing or Formula 1, this is a movie you cannot pass up. It may even get you interested in F1.

    Night Train to Lisbon
    This movie stuck out more for me than it probably would have for anyone else because it satisfied my craving for a quiet movie on a slow night. It tells the story of a teacher who is bored with his life that accidentally stumbles upon a fascinating story of an underground group of rebels looking to usurp Salazar during the Portuguese revolution and becomes fascinated with their exciting lives, tracking down and talking to the people who lived it. If you want a quiet movie that demands nothing from you but offers a great story in return, this is it.

    The Berlin File
    The Bourne films go to Korea and have an illegitimate child that ends up being a damn good movie. The story focuses around the clandestine rivalry between North and South Korea, along with their many allies / enemies. I won't say anything more since going into this film knowing nothing is the best way to experience it. However, the one piece you MAY want to know about before you begin watching is that the protagonists that you'll be watching the majority of the time are NORTH KOREAN. It's a case off "arr rook arike" and it wasn't until half way through watching that I finally figured out who is who.

    Viva La Liberta
    An Italian film of a politician whose approval ratings are through the floor as he's running the country into the ground. He flees the country after being overwhelmed by the negative attention being focused on him. However, elections are coming up and his party knows that his disappearance means a guaranteed loss for them, so they seek out his identical twin brother to act as him in order to hide the fact the real politician is gone, but his brother is nothing like him. It's a play on two tropes: East-meets-West, and twins-swapping-places, but it does it tastefully enough and is definitely a good satire on politicians. The translations make me believe that it's much better in Italian, but like hell if I'm about to learn two languages to watch one film.

    That's all I'll write for now. I'm definitely hoping that this thread becomes as popular as the anime thread does
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    Like eagle said, rush was an amazing movie even if you gave 0 fucks about f1.
  10. Eagleclaw

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    No! This thread will not die on me so quickly! You guys want something more action-y? Fine!

    The movie title is a double entendre. The main character is a corporate headhunter and an art thief. He interviews people for CEO positions in wealthy companies, and asks about their art collection to steal from. One person he interviews ends up being an actual headhunter - an ex special ops, and steals a valuable painting from him - a big mistake. There's supposedly an American remake coming soon, so watch the original before it gets dumbed-down. It's on Netflix with English subtitles

    The Hunt
    I watched these two movies back-to-back with Rush and called it the "Hunt" weekend - Headhunters, The Hunt, James Hunt. This is a movie that tells the fictional-yet-too-close-to-reality story of a pre-school teacher who gets falsely accused of sexual conduct with one of the kids he's responsible for, and through the fallacy that a lot of older adults have - "children never lie" - it's believed by far too many people to be true while he fights for his innocence. This may awake uncomfortable feelings and undoubtedly made me question working with children in the future. This is a movie that should be required watching for everyone.

    Layer Cake
    Daniel Craig before he became Bond. It's a movie about a guy wanting to get out but gets pulled back into the drug underworld. This was the movie that got Craig his position as Bond. Not much in the ways of story, but action-y and entertaining enough that you won't be easily bored.

    The Grand Budapest Hotel
    This is a movie that I watched and was so amazed by that I immediately watched it again the morning after and loved it more the second time. It tells a story about an author writing a story about a story as to how the owner of a renowned hotel came into his ownership. Fantastic acting, fantastic cast, fantastic story, fantastic dialogue that's bound to get a laugh. Watch. Watch. Watch.

    In Bruges
    Never has a movie blindsided me as much as this one did. I'll admit that if someone tells me they haven't seen this movie, I'll go full fanboy on them. Watch it and love it as much as I do - it's a movie that's impossible to hate.

    Anything with Brendan Gleeson as a main character is guaranteed to be an A+ in my book, and this is no exception. The movie is an allegory to the catholic church's presence in Ireland and all the negativity and controversy surrounding it. It's a slow movie with only a few "exciting" moments, but if you like story-driven movies, this one will have you watching from start-to-finish.

    Let's get some more recommendations / reviews going. Anyone have recommendations from this year that's NOT Mad Max or Jurassic World? How about hidden gems that you can't even find on Netflix? Keep this going!
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  11. Indira

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    I watched Inside Out, bawled for 10 minutes lol
  12. Celebrithil

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    I'll suggest The Maze Runner again. It had a hunger games vibe to it. It lacked in some back story, but I hope the second one helps with that. It will be in theaters in september.

    I just watched Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2. Pretty well just as fucked up as the first one lol
  13. Demyx

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    Mad Max was the shit. I also saw Age of Ultron and Jurassic World. My opinions for all three are very similar to Ranubris'. The only thing is I kinda judged Ultron more harshly because I feel, after awhile, all those explosions made the movie boring as fuck. Starting to get tired of such high stakes in every single superhero movie. Don't really care if that's the general trope with them -- I found the stakes in Mad Max, although "smaller," made me care a whole lot more about that handful of characters than I ever did about those thousands of nameless people in Age of Ultron. It's getting to the point where every superhero movie feels the same, and I think that's going to be their eventual downfall. Think the last superhero thing I've really enjoyed in the past year has been Daredevil and the second Captain America.

    Mad Max, though...both shiny and chrome.
  14. Hyacial

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    So... I'll go over some movies I've seen recently.

    Moon - Sam Worthington plays a guy who signed up for a 3 year work stint on the moon with just an A.I (voiced by Kevin Spacey) as his only companion. Something else happens but that would spoil it. A pretty good film.

    Ex Machina - An AI film but one done very well. Very little action, but character driven. Watch if you've ever wanted to bang a robot.

    Chappie - Also an AI film, the trailers lie to you and make you think it's an action film when it's more about growth. I liked it but most people don't. Watch if you want to see Dev Patel being a dork and Wolverine being a dick.

    Mad Max: Fury Road - It is pure awesome in a classic way. Don't read the tie-in comics though, they suck. Imperator Furiosa (Charlize Theron) and a band of a Warlord's concubines seek freedom, said Warlord seeks their return. Max (Tom Hardy) is along for the ride.

    Dredd (2013) - Another pure awesome film. Judge Dredd done correctly. In a dystopian future where even caffiene is illegal and law enforcement is handled by Judges, Judge Dredd (Karl Urban) is assigned a rookie for a partner (Olivia Thirlby). Luckily, she is a mutant with psychic powers. The two investigate a murder in a megaskyscraper and end up facing a large drug gang.

    Everly - Salma Hayek's version of Machete. Low budget exploitation action. She plays a prostitute who crossed her yakuza boss and faces a gauntlet of opponents. Watch if you don't mind blood, crap plots, and lots of violence.

    Poltergeist (2014) - A decent remake of an excellent film. Some odd directorial decisions mar what could've been a great film.

    Avengers: Age of Ultron - Flawed. Supposedly an hour of film was cut for the theatrical release. I think it needed that hour.

    Spy - Yet Another Melissa McCarthy film. Jason Statham and Rose Byrne save it.

    Kingsmen: The Secret Service - A film loosely based on a comic by the guy who wrote Kickass. A few good scenes and some humor but nothing really special. Worth a watch if you like action, Samuel L. Jackson, and hate racists.

    Run All Night - In which Liam Neeson plays a drunk hitman for a mob boss and is forced to kill said boss' son or watch his own son die. Also featuring Ed Harris as the mob boss, The guy who played Robocop in the reboot as Neeson's son, and Common as "the sadistic Assassin that doesn't give a damn about collateral damage".

    Furious 7 - They just keep going bigger and louder with this film series. Now with Jason Statham playing a roll similar to the Nemesis from Resident Evil 3.

    Vice - Direct to video/on demand Bruce Willis film where human-like AI are used to enable people to act out their sickest fantasies. It was meh.

    John Wick - Oozes style. Retired Russian mob hitman John Wick has his puppy (who was given to him by his now dead wife) killed by the son of the head of the Russian mob ( A DAY AFTER GETTING THE DOG). He comes out of retirement, lots of people die. Great soundtrack and it has William Dafoe.

    The Equalizer - Denzel Washington plays an OCD ex-government spook who gets a glimpse at the seedy side of his town and sets out to fix it. People die.

    Pitch Perfect 2 - Literally a repeat of Pitch Perfect 1. Now with more Rebel Wilson physical comedy.

    Jurassic World - Its Jurassic Park 4. Watch it to see dinosaurs eating people. The new genetically engineered monster-dino essentially rehashes the role of the Spinosaurus from JP3.
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    Old Boy, amazing foreign film if you've never seen it. DO NOT watch it in English though, get subs if you want to enjoy it. I watched it on netflix with some friends to see how bad it was, and yeah it was horrible.
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  16. Celebrithil

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    Oh shit ya, I remember Oldboy DD! I can't remember how long ago it was that I watched that or how it got suggested to me. At first I thought, well it can't be as good as this guy is making it out to be, but I'll stick it out for a bit. I watched the whole thing, and at the time, it became one of my favorite movies, and obviously favorite japanese movie as it was the only one I had ever watched. But then I watched Hentei Kamen some time ago and it became my favorite. XD
  17. Ranubris

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    Old Boy is amazing. Don't watch the new one. Watch the old one.
  18. Eagleclaw

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    Yeah, Old Boy (the original) was easily one of my favorite movies for about a month

    A couple more I can recommend now that I've thought about it a bit:

    Things to Do in Denver When You're Dead
    A movie that asks the question: how do you handle knowing that you're going to die? In this movie, Christopher Walken plays a mob boss who hires Andy Garcia's character to do a quick job, even though he's been out of the game for a while. The job gets botched, and a hit is called out on him and his crew. The best assassin of all time, Steve Buscemi, is sent to kill the crew, and each of them has their own idea of how to stop him. A great crime drama that'll definitely get the feels going.

    Kung Fu Hustle
    When Old Boy was mentioned, this was a movie that came to mind. It's a movie that's hard to describe just because it's so bizarre, but will easily make anyone's top 10 martial arts movies list if given a chance. It's an action-comedy-drama that focuses on a petty thief who wants nothing more than to join a notorious gang for the prestige. However, he is entirely out of his depth when part of their "recruitment" process is to kill a gang nemesis - a task that was meant to be a suicide mission.

    Alan Partridge
    A British dark comedy of a failing radio host who is about to lose his job after a company buys out his radio station and is looking to replace him with a "younger" and more "hip" DJ, but (trying to avoid spoilers since it would give away the first quarter of the movie) ends up creating a bigger problem by trying to save his job. If you're into dark humor and Steve Coogan, well, you have very specific tastes, but this'll be a good watch.

    Pretty sure this is the national film of Canada. It's a story about a guy who can't play hockey worth a shit, but is recruited onto a low level division for the sole purpose of beating the fuck out of the other team's goons. Fans of sports movies will love it, and there's even a sequel coming out real soon (although I'm predicting it's going to be a 'why was this made?' movie)

    Edit: Two more since Hya wants to top me

    Life is Beautiful
    It's a comedy about the Holocaust. No, really, that exists. The first half of the movie begins as a lighthearted comedy and then quickly delves into the feels. This is one movie that I would recommend above all others that I've suggested. It's definitely one that everyone should watch in their lifetime. Watch it in Italian with English subtitles for best effect.

    The Tiger and the Snow
    Not as great as Life is Beautiful, but probably the only other thing Roberto Benigni has made that's worth watching. It tells the story of an Italian poet who is willing to risk everything to save his wife who is in a life-threatening coma in the middle of Iraq during the American invasion. Worth watching if you want a feel-good movie to watch after Life is Beautiful
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  19. Hyacial

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    Next movie suggestions

    Edge of Tomorrow - A loose rendition of the Japanese novel, All You Need is Kill. Tom Cruise plays a man who mouths off to the wrong guy (Brendon Gleeson) and gets sent to the front line of a war against an alien enemy that humanity is losing against. After an accident on the battlefield, he finds himself replaying the same day over and over again every time he dies. Eventually he runs into Ms. Badass played by Emily Blunt, who once experienced the same thing. Probably the best science fiction film of 2014 and massively underrated.

    The Interview - James Franco plays a TV show host known for getting shocking truths out of his guests. He ends up invited by North Korean dictator, Kim Jong Un to have an exclusive interview. Prior to the interview, the CIA attempts to get Franco to assassinate the dictator. Funny stuff happens. Also staring Seth Rogan as the producer/director of Franco's show. Probably the first entertaining film by Rogan and Franco in a long time. The guy playing Kim Jong Un nails the role and the film is fairly quotable.

    Man of Steel - It's a Superman film made in the post-Dark Knight Trilogy movie era. Expect a darker take of Superman where there is a focus on realism in what should be a film that focuses on action and awesomeness. Watch for an unhinged General Zod and badass Faora Ul. Amy Adams plays a passable Lois Lane, Morpheus is in the film for some reason that doesn't bring anything to the table, and the movie proves that a live action Dragon Ball Z film could be done right. Worth watching, ignore every part with Kevin Costner and Lawrence Fishburne.

    Nightcrawler - Jake Gyllenhaal plays a creepy guy who gets into the world of crime scene photography/filming for news stations. He is incredibly creepy. So much cringe. Why the hell didn't this guy win an Oscar for this role? Why wasn't he even nominated? I dunno.... Worth watching. Also has Rene Russo, that lady that played Thor's mother in the Marvel films.

    X-men: Days of Future Past - Thanks to Mystique, Mutant-Kind is hunted down by hyper advanced Sentinals and placed in concentration camps along with their supporters. Wolverine is sent back in time to fix the past in a movie that essentially exists only to retcon the events of every previous X-men film since X-men 3 was so crappy. Loosely based on an arc in the comics with the same title only featuring Kitty Pryde as the person who is sent back in time. Apparently Wolverine would sell better on the big screen. Worth watching once, just for the Quicksilver scene. There's a recut of the film coming out soon featuring scenes focused on Rogue that were cut from the theatrical release. It's called X-men: Days of Future Past: The Rogue Cut.

    Seventh Son - Yet another movie adaptation of a young adult novel. This time featuring dragons and witches. Jeff Bridges essentially plays a typical medieval guy who deals with the supernatural and must train the Seventh Son of a Seventh Son to fight the things that lurk in darkness. Also featuring Julliane Moore as the evil witch who really wants to be Maleficent but isn't.

    Maleficent - So Disney decided to make live action films out of some of their favorite animated films. Instead of another Sleeping Beauty film, we get Malificent, a film focused on the dark fairy from Sleeping Beauty. Angelina Jolie owns the role but in the process of making her the protagonist of the film, Disney ruins what made Malificent such a good villain. Make it a rental or watch free on Netflix if its on there.

    Transformers: Age of Extinction - I didn't think it could get much worse than Transformers 2. I thought Mark Wahlburg would at least be more entertaining than Shia Lebouf. I was wrong. Dead wrong. It's Transformers, now with even more stereotypes and blatant product placement.

    The Amazing Spider-Man 2 - Sony continues making bad Spidey movies. Sony continues making the same mistakes while making bad Spidey movies. Aside from his hair, and age, Andrew Garfield owns the role of Peter Parker. Emma Stone does the same as Gwen Stacey. Jamie Foxx plays a superdork Electro. Dane DeHaan plays an annoying as hell and completely unneeded Green Goblin. This film is not worth watching. The franchise is actually dead as they're rebooting the Spider-Man movies once again with a new, younger actor, and as part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The first appearance will be in next year's Captain America 3: Civil War.

    Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier - Probably the best Marvel Cinematic Universe movie so far. Captain America (Chris Evans), Black Widow (Scarlet Johannson), and The Falcon (Anthony Mackie) face Hydra and their tactical asset, The Winter Soldier. Definitely worth watching. It's also worth noting that the directors of this film will be handling the next Avengers films.

    R.E.D. - Bruce Willis plays a retired CIA operative who suddenly finds people want to kill him. Joining forces with old friends and enemies, he seeks to uncover the reasoning behind his attempted assassination. Karl Urban plays the CIA operative assigned to stop him. Also starring: John Malkovich, Morgan Freeman, Helen Mirren, and the mom from Weeds. This is an action comedy based on a comic book. Worth Watching.

    R.E.D. 2 - Bruce Willis returns as Frank Moses, the retired CIA operative. This time he's recruited to deal with a missing clean nuclear weapon. Karl Urban isn't in this film, but Anthony Hopkins and Catherine Zeta Jones are. Another action comedy. Worth Watching.

    The Gambler - Mark Wahlburg plays a college professor who likes gambling. He gets in deep with gambling debts but keeps gambling. This guy really likes gambling. John Goodman introduces a term called "Fuck You, money". Mark Wahlburg wants to win "Fuck You, money". So he gambles. Thats the movie in a nutshell. I can't even decide if it was worth watching.

    Top Five - It's a Chris Rock film where he plays a famous guy who's about to married, talking to a Reporter (played by Rosario Dawson) and going about a day in his old neighborhood. Funny at points, but ultimately dull. Rental at best, but you can skip it.

    I, Frankenstein - So to hop on the monster movie bandwagon, they made a film about Frankenstein getting in the middle of a battle between Gargoyles and Demons. It is impossible to take this movie seriously. Both camps want Frankenstein on their side. The Gargoyles because he can kill demons. The Demons because he can kill gargoyles. Rental. Popcorn flick status.

    Blackhat - The guy who plays Thor plays a super-hacker. It's a movie about super-hackers. Theres action and shooting and stuff but you gotta remember this is about superhackers. Though it should be noticed that Thor went to prison for being a super-hacker in the movie. So remember that. The film is forgettable.

    Whiplash - Portal 2's Cave Johnson plays a band director/teacher who is a massive jerk. The movie focuses on a kid who wants to be a drummer and is under Cave Johnson's tutelage. Cave Johnson puts the kid through the wringer. Worth watching for Cave Johnson yelling at everyone he teaches.

    Mortdecai - This film shouldn't have been made. Avoid.

    The Drop - One of James Gandolfini's last films. Also starring Tom Hardy and Naomi Rapace. Gandolfini's character runs a bar and Hardy is the slow bartender. A walk home one night brings Naomi Rapace into his life. Though, it also happens that the bar is a drop bar for Czech mobsters and someone holds it up. I really, really liked this movie despite it being very slow.

    Seven Psychopaths - Colin Ferrel, Sam Rockwell, and Christopher Walken in a film involving crime lords, dog kidnapping, and script writing. Worth watching.
  20. Eagleclaw

    Eagleclaw Consigliere Guild Officer

    Mortdecai was that bad? I was hoping for something, just SOMETHING, but I shouldn't be too surprised.

    Agreed on The Gambler. If someone here hasn't watched it yet but wants to, just watch this scene:

    That scene is the only mildly redeeming thing in the entire movie. The rest was absolutely stupid and pointless

    +1 on Seven Psychopaths as well. It's another dark comedy that's the most humorous when you least expect it to be

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