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  1. Doldra

    Doldra Meleesexual Guild Officer

    Hello boys and girls! Well since Wednesday is a clear on normal and heroic just to beat out some tier, I'm using this first post to go over just Skorpyron.

    What's old?
    -Skorpyron retains ALL of his previous abilities.

    What's new?
    -Skorpyron now has Chromatic Exoskeleton.

    What his means is his shell rotates between arcane, acid, and fire. This DOES NOT affect his abilities. Instead it alters what the chunks do when they peel off.
    -Arcane: Normal chunk, AoE arcane when it lands.
    -Acid: Arcane AoE when landing, causes raid-wide DoT for nature damage until the shell color changes or Shockwave clears crystals.
    -Fire: No AoE on impact, instead pulses fire damage in a 3 yard radius. When hit by Shockwave of explodes 3 seconds later for a fuck ton of damage in a 9 yard radius.

    Shell color changes based on time.
    -Arcane: 0 to :30, 2:00 to 3:00, and 4:30 to 5:30
    -Fire: :30 to 1:30, 3:00 to 4:00, and 5:30 to 6:30
    -Acid: 1:30 to 2:00, 4:00 to 4:30, -and 6:30 to 7:00

    New Scorpid!
    -An acid scorpion joins in with each called pack, along with fire and the normal ones. The Acid scorpion leaves pools occasionally and on death. Kite as needed in a small area, pools last 50 seconds and room is at a premium.

    Arcane Asshole! Tank Info
    -Arcane Tether persists for 15 seconds in the area it is created in. Moving back into it causes the debuff to reapply!
    -Suggested to have tank use 3 differing points in a triangle to move to in order to give time for each tether to despawn. Will have to see when we're in the room for placement.

    Skorpyron isn't looking hard, so let's not make him hard (buuuuh). Check back tomorrow for info on Chronomatic Anomaly.
  2. Doldra

    Doldra Meleesexual Guild Officer

    I'm shit and fell asleep before posting!

    Chronomatic Anomaly!

    What's Old?
    He keeps all his old abilities, oh boy.

    What's New?

    Buy One Add, Get One Free!
    -Adds come in pairs on opposite sides of the well.
    -Adds cannot be interrupted sub-30% (supposed to happen on Heroic too, but I don't think that's been the case.)
    -Heavy DPS and most healers to whichever add the boss is cleaved with, good interrupts and fewer healers to the other side.
    -Both sets spawn interrupt balls. Only one needed to stop Power Overwhelming. Not sure if you need the second for the following.

    Tick-Tock BOOM!
    -Two bombs go out for each Time Bomb. Deal with the normally and get your asses out of the raid.

    Broken Watch
    -Time changes a bit different on Mythic.
    -Starts in Normal and becomes FAST at ~35 seconds in, regardless of being hit without Temporal Smash.
    -5 seconds after first Smash he goes Slow. And 5 seconds after the second he goes full Sanic speed.

    This dude is apparently harder than Trilliax.
  3. Doldra

    Doldra Meleesexual Guild Officer

    Shitty Butler!

    What's Old?
    Second verse, same as the first.

    What's New?
    -How does this fucker give tier?

    I, Bad Robot!
    -Shortly into the second Manic phase Trilliax shoves his Cleaner personality into another robot.
    -This add will spawn more Toxic Slices. These HAVE TO BE SOAKED. Or they will cause scrubbers to get fucked up and we cannot afford those blowing up at the wrong times.
    -Add will sometimes buff itself and begin gaining mana. Buff can be dispelled and MUST BE. Also if Trilliax ever switches to the same personality as the add, it begins gaining mana as well. If it hits 100 it goes nuts and uses Cleaning Rage.
    -Second add is Manic and uses Mana Rupture, zapping the raid. If it hits 100 it uses Annhilation. Summoned during fourth Cleaner phase.
    -These adds are always TOP PRIORITY. Cleave off them onto the boss. They must be tanked, so hold them with the boss.

    Yaaaaaas, Scrub Daddy!
    -Each pool soaked gives scrubbers 40 mana. So only 3 pools per scrubber.
    -If you have Sterilize stand next to a scrubber to drain its mana! This means it will scrub longer.
    -If a scrubber blows up, we wipe!
    -Scrubber explodes for ~3M, the shield from feasts is now just about 6M.
    -If you don't have a feast shield, you'll need BoP or another MASSIVE CD to absorb the bomb.

    Good? Now let's smack this loot piñata around.
  4. Euphorìa

    Euphorìa Squirrel Power Guild Officer

    For Chromatic Anomaly it looks like a few guilds are letting him get to 4 stacks of that power overwhelming before interrupting him.
    Looking at logs near the tail end of the charts, not the upper try-hard ones.
  5. Euphorìa

    Euphorìa Squirrel Power Guild Officer

    For chromatic anomaly, I was able to actually find some logs of them 5 healing (since the proper bird video had them 5 heal it, I had to see if I could find anything to prove it, and yep; there a few guilds 5 healing it).

    I just watched their replay, and even judging by their healing meters, it looks a lot less intense. Except they sent 2 healers with the add group and 1 tank and 5 dps. Their add group is only separated for about 30 seconds (4 stacks of the overwhelming on the boss). Proper bird did it this way too, and said you should only get 3 add waves.
    First wave, you let the boss get some stacks of the overwhelming, second you try to interrupt him quickly, then the 3rd wave you let him do what he did on the first set since you'll have all your 3 minute CDs up. I don't know if this is something we want to try? I'm not concerned with parsing as much as I am about the boss actually dying.

    looking at our replays, we're just a few seconds behind on the add group. We're joining together after the 4th big hit, where other groups are already back together in time for the 4th hit.

    edit #2
    it looks like people have the off tank with the add group to soak the adds damage, so it'll be easier on me to heal them instead of the huge chunks into a dps on top of the overwhelming stacking aoe.

    last edit I swear;
    we should be fine to 4 heal, if I can get an off tank in the add group; that would be about 11m less damage on the dps for me to heal. (From the large add and the 4 little poopers it leaves behind).
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  6. Irresistible

    Irresistible Hitman Raider

    There are definitely a few people who try and 5 heal it, but they seem to be the minority. There are a lot of variations in stacks that people hold for on the first set. (8 being the highest, even with 4 healers). There are also variations people send to the 2nd add. (some are sending 1 dps, 1 healer, 1 tank)

    One thing I did notice in several of the logs I was looking at, they were blowing 100% of their raid cooldowns on the first Power Overwhelming if they were taking it to 7-8 stacks. On our best/last attempt, we did 6 stacks without Tranq, and nobody died. Darkness should be used at a point to cover the last 2 ticks (ours wasn't), and I know Doldra is swapping to his raid healing talent.
  7. Doldra

    Doldra Meleesexual Guild Officer


    What's Old?
    -Keeps everything

    What's New?
    -My deep-seated loathing of this bitch

    Mean and Green
    -During each phase she will spawn a Mountain Dew version of herself. It has to be tanked. It has an ass load of health and despawns just before ANIMATE! Should -never- be focused.
    -It can never be more than 45 yards from Aluriel or it gets a 500% damage buff.
    -Every 20 seconds it smacks its tank like a bitch for a shit ton of damage and knocks them back.

    And It Casts Too, Fuck!
    -During Frost the Fel Soul will use Whirling Barrage early on, then every 20 seconds after. From what I saw on streams it looks like she targets somebody ranged at random and spins toward them? From the description, don't be between her and her target.
    -During Fire she jumps toward people and Slam Jams down on top of them making fiery Mountain Dew pools. This happen every 10 seconds. Spread out to avoid hitting others with it. Seems to be ranged again.
    -In Arcane she uses Fel Lash. This is a frontal slash that does a gorillian (about 22.5M) damage split among those hit. Raid will have to group up for this shit, it has an 8 yard share. Basically the tank will spin the add to face the raid for this, then spin back around.

    Other Adds Suck Too.
    -If you get frozen by the Frost adds it's 15% of you even health a second. Don't Netflix and chill.
    -Fire adds should be prevented from casting because their Pyroblast does like 1.3M a hit on Mythic.
    -Arcane adds only cast for 15 seconds instead of 20. Hits like a damn truck.
    -Maybe hero on Arcane? Not sure, depends on how well we handle them.

    Seen several logs of ~7:20 kills or so.

    Good news Ast, I didn't see a third tank anywhere. Bad news Ast, I saw at least a dozen of them using 5 healers.
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  8. Doldra

    Doldra Meleesexual Guild Officer

    Bridge Bitch 2.0

    What's Old?
    -Running from side to side

    What's New?
    -The quality of his loot

    Burning Itch
    -Adds get targeted and made big. They're #1 priority. Also still interrupt, stun, CC, tickle their balls, whatever so none of them cast anyway.

    Hot Liquid Dew Ball
    -Big ball hurt. When big ball thrown get close to boss if you aren't. Toward the end of the fight a corner near the boss will be marked for the raid to stack. Ball target runs to the opposite corner, as far back as possible.

    Do DPS, drop a healer, let's see what happens. This bitch doesn't change much.
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  9. Thangrol

    Thangrol Hitman Raider

  10. Sopringles

    Sopringles Senior Raider Senior Raider

    One correction; dealing damage to the fel soul damages the boss so 2-target cleave is suggested if it's a big DPS gain.
  11. Doldra

    Doldra Meleesexual Guild Officer

    Wait really? I didn't see anything about that, but that's very interesting.
  12. veldock

    veldock Master Chef Senior Raider

    you mean all guilds 5 healing, theres only 1 log with 4 heals

    also there needs to be planning and though on how to actually handle marks, not the yolo shit we do in heroic, because you need to pair up with the person that got the mark at the same time as you so you explode together.. (speaking of frost), prob do a 5/8 stack.. but depends

    also pringles no where, has it said, nor has any guild confrmed that (fel soul sharing hp).. actually multiple guilds said that is not the case, and have yet to hear otherwise.
    from the padlord betrayer himself


    PS fuck the auto media link shit.
  13. Sopringles

    Sopringles Senior Raider Senior Raider

    Weird considering DD told me that it does as well as top guilds using destro locks with wreak havoc which wouldn't need to pad anyway because they hide their logs. As for spellblade you want 8 people to trade off marks because when you clear two they jump to the two closest people. What I've seen some guilds do is just have sets of two along each wall along with the two soakers who are going to take it and they trade off at 10.
  14. veldock

    veldock Master Chef Senior Raider

    they use havoc for the adds
  15. Thangrol

    Thangrol Hitman Raider

    Here's a Krosus video I thought was pretty clear by Viklund of Serenity. Couple of things I observed:
    • About 1/2 through the fight, roughly when the 2nd bridge segment is destroyed, Krosus begins to use Fel Beams more frequently, often back to back (he still always alternates side with every blast).
    • For adds, they were getting <5 spawns each time, which seems like a reasonable goal to have. Additionally, everything about them looks easier as the fight goes on.
      • The first and second are when they're scattered far back across the entire platform. They have their ranged each going to their own regions in the back half of the bridge, then adjusting once the pool visuals come out. Seems quite often it's possible for one person to soak multiple pools so they logically favor those. The melee fill in the front pools, and even got some in mid-range if they could double soak
      • The third and fourth sets of adds appear a bit easier, because the pools are closer together. So double/triple soaks as well as AoEing adds that do spawn seems much more possible.
    • In the last two platforms, you get a decent idea of how they stack and have the fel-bomb person catty-corner to the raid. Also you see when they pop a lot of their raid CDs like Darkness or SLT.
  16. Euphorìa

    Euphorìa Squirrel Power Guild Officer

    Good video to see how to handle stuff on Spellblade
  17. Doldra

    Doldra Meleesexual Guild Officer


    What's Old?
    -Well all his abilities still exist

    What's New?
    -Basically the fight in reverse!

    Booty in Triplicate
    -Starts off as three bosses; Original Mountain Dew, Urine, and Blackout.
    -Each of these has access to all their normal abilities. You already know these.
    -Health pool isn't shared! If attacking others isn't a ST increase, you're a padding faggot!

    Two to Tango Through the Tulips
    -Once we kill one of them the other two go to full health and get their spells altered. Oh. Fucking. Boy.
    -We're killing Original Mountain Dew first.
    -When MD dies, Call of Night will now occasionally summon Toxic Spores around its targets.
    -Also when a Plasma Sphere dies, we get adds!
    -Focus down the adds, handle spheres as needed, and kill Blackout.

    The Power of Pun
    -I ran out of section titles. Eat me.
    -With just Urine left we in for some fun.
    -Flare now applies Parasitic Fetter to its target. Basically don't be on the tank. Move boss away when we want to dispel because the dispel causes Controlled Chaos.
    -When Spheres die they summon spores now!
    -Call of Night triggers Solar Collapse on its target. If you get Call you're gonna move out with a buddy, then KYS on the first collapse.
    -Do mechanics, kill boss, collect welfare.

    This fight is like 8-9 minutes, so strap on your Pampers.
  18. Bitonosa

    Bitonosa Nightwing Raider

    On Botanist I really like these guys positioning in p3, maybe its something we could try?

    The range don't have to move as much which means more uptime on the boss. It also allows all range to always be in range of all orbs for quick target switching. Also something perhaps we should use more is the fact that if you die with call of night fast enough, the solar collapse never comes out, eliminating the need for positioning them well or escorting them out.
  19. Sopringles

    Sopringles Senior Raider Senior Raider

    The position change was something I thought about but we don't need to fully change it, just have range stand between our two spots currently would be fine. Being in range of all orbs doesn't matter because one always gets ignored anyway.

    For the second half of your post you do realize we're trying to keep dps up for at least for a smaller bit of time. Heck, Ast was trying to keep dps up longer during the hero burn calls last night. It also doesn't make sense to have no escort because then you would have call of night ticks still hitting the raid which during any other raid damage mechanic = wipe pretty much.
  20. Bitonosa

    Bitonosa Nightwing Raider

    If you take a look at this and this

    The orbs shouldn't overlap with the Call of Night if we killed ourselves fast, meaning the only other source of raid damage could be from the tank dispel causing chaos explosions.

    Again if we do it correctly, calls of night shouldn't overlap with the dispels either as shown roughly here

    Even so, chaos doesn't hit so hard that we couldn't take a tick or two of eclipse also (which btw only hits for about 180k per tick). Its certainly a riskier strat but it would free up a couple of dps to burn instead of worry about escorting people out, then dodging the solar collapse. Which could in turn make up the extra 10% we need on the boss

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