Orcs Must Die Unchained

Discussion in 'Games' started by Julian5, May 15, 2017.

  1. Julian5

    Julian5 Hitman Raider

    So, I know a couple of you at least play this game, but I've been having a lot of difficulty actually playing it with any of you. So, I was wondering, is there some kind of time or something you guys sit down and play this a bit? I'd love to play this game with people. <3
  2. Enst

    Enst The Don Guild Officer

    aww fuck yea bud.

    biggest letdown is the game is only 3 player co-op. like. wtf name the last fkn 3 player co op game, diablo 1? fuk, what shit w/e though i'll play with ya, i love stinkeye and bionka although bionka's getting nerfed kek and astraeus, fsizz, & nonraiders inu, zephoros and pharuan also play. We sorta just play whenever we can, tuesday, friday, saturday, sunday.

    I recommend this game to everyone
  3. Julian5

    Julian5 Hitman Raider

    I suppose I should list my ign, shouldn't I? =P

    It's Julian5, please add me in-game. =D

    Edit: In terms of heroes I like to play, I prefer Tundra and Midnight, and recently have been playing a bit with Bionka and Dobbin.
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