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    1.)Character Name: Rwx
    2.)Character Class: Paladin
    3.)Which role are you primarily applying for?: Melee DPS
    4.)Armory Profile Link:


    6.)Please provide us with a link to your WarcraftLogs:

    7.)Why do you want to join TFB? Why are you searching for a guild, and what expectations do you have?:

    Reliability foremost, and a good atmosphere. I want to be in a guild that is competitive but doesn't sacrifice other good aspects to achieve that. My only expectations are fairness, that if myself or other people are holding the guild back the spot will be up for review.

    8.)Are you easily offended by racist, sexist, or other such humor?


    9.)Do you have any friends within TFB? Any enemies?


    10.)Do you have any alts worth mentioning?

    I've played every class at a competitive level at some point since classic except for warlock, DH, and druid. As of now I'm still somewhat of a returning player so my only characters that have any BFA progression are paladin, rogue, hunter, priest, mage, and DK.

    11.)How do you ensure you handle mechanics with the highest success?

    Prior research, a good UI, and a lot of time playing video games to learn and adapt quickly.

    12.)Why do you play this game? What keeps you motivated to keep coming back for more?

    I've been playing WoW since 4 months after release, I'm a big fan of MMOs and WoW is a kind of perfect storm of balance, lore, and progression content that has never been replicated. What's been missing for me is a community, and from the short time I've spent in comms writing this application TFB certainly looks to provide that.

    13.)How do you keep up to date on your class?

    PTR information, lots of different data aggregation websites, and high proficiency friends that always have some new info on the line.

    14.)An LGBTQ penguin walks through the door right now wearing a sombrero and demands you use their preferred gender pronouns. What do they say and what do you say back?

    They're chanting something about Ilhan Omar being a brave and courageous brotherfucker, I told them to get the fuck out of my house and they fell into the fetal position and continued. I ended up having to detain them while the cops were on the way and on the way out they were spitting at me saying it's inhumane for me to have walls on my house. I don't even live in the arctic how the fuck did this idiot get here? Send it back.

    15.)What previous raiding experience do you have?

    Unironically raided with UT on Burning Blade, I used to see you guys all over the place. For Ulduar and ToC we were around top 50 world, and since then I led a guild in EN and was part of a reprisal of that guild for Uldir that hovered around top 100 US until some of the core members went to play other games and those guilds dissolved. I was in the military between end of Wrath and end of WoD so I didn't get to raid much more than casually during that time, but still played for arenas with scuffed internet.

    16.)What can we expect from you in our raids?

    I'm pretty flexible, have a lot of experience gaming and working with a team so I can give a lot. I'd prefer to just focus on the pump and stay focused.

    17.)Despite our 3 day a week raid schedule and having an application that tests your humor, we can be very serious about DPS/HPS, reflexes, and raid attendance. Can you handle this kind of environment?

    No problem.

    18.)If there's anything else you want to add; either a self bio, information about friends who may join, or if you simply want us to know something not asked, this is the time to let us know.

    Everything seems cool so far, I'm looking forward to playing with you guys regardless of outcome. If you have anything for me let me know I'm a pretty open book. I have quite a few friends that may be interested in joining eventually, as I think there are a lot of them returning to retail.

    19.)TFB has no guarantee that server transfers will be automatically accepted into the guild. Failure to perform at our level or failure to attend raids reliably during your recruitment period can and will result in denial. Do you accept this risk?


    20.)How did you hear about us?


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