Sponkxx-Illidan : Mage(Ranged DPS)

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  1. Spynxx

    Spynxx Hitman Raider

    1.)Character Name: Sponkxx-Illidan
    2.)Character Class: Mage
    3.)Which role are you primarily applying for?: Ranged DPS
    4.)Armory Profile Link: https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-us/character/us/illidan/sponkxx


    6.)Please provide us with a link to your WarcraftLogs:


    7.)Why do you want to join TFB? Why are you searching for a guild, and what expectations do you have?:

    Looking for a guild who shares the same level of time commitment as I do. Also just generally wanting to be more competitive.

    8.)Are you easily offended by racist, sexist, or other such humor?


    9.)Do you have any friends within TFB? Any enemies?

    No, although I am applying because a friend who is also applying suggested I apply (say that 3x fast) (also his name is Tonic)

    10.)Do you have any alts worth mentioning?

    I didn't play alts in 8.3 because I already played a mage, but in SL I will pick up whatever is either the best ranged DPS or whatever the guild needs me to play / has a shortage of.

    11.)How do you ensure you handle mechanics with the highest success?

    Before the encounter, I make sure to do all of my research. I watch the generic strat videos that my guild is doing, and I make sure to look at a class POV of someone doing my role (eg, Psychus 2 on N'zoth). I also make sure to look at the logs for my class & role on specific fights, and I use a weakaura in combination with those logs to keep track of when I should be using my CDs. Then I usually record myself on progression, although I usually don't religiously review it unless there is something specific I am looking for.

    12.)Why do you play this game? What keeps you motivated to keep coming back for more?

    I like to improve, and I like to progress. Seeing the boss tick down in health after every pull is enjoyable to me, and of course I love the excitement of downing a tough boss for the first time.

    13.)How do you keep up to date on your class?

    For mage specifically, I always read up on Altered Time and I follow a lot of the top mages on youtube/twitch/discord pretty closely.

    14.)An LGBTQ penguin walks through the door right now wearing a sombrero and demands you use their preferred gender pronouns. What do they say and what do you say back?

    The penguin says something stupid and I come up with a funny, witty response right on the spot and make everyone laugh! In other words, I've got nothing for this question. I promise I'm not gonna get pissy if someone makes a gay joke in raid, I'm a gamer B)

    15.)What previous raiding experience do you have?

    12/12M Nya, this is the first tier that I've really pushed mythic progression.

    16.)What can we expect from you in our raids?

    You can expect someone who will always come to a fight extremely prepared, and someone who will not be the cause of everyone else pulling their hair out after wiping the raid 10 times.

    17.)Despite our 3 day a week raid schedule and having an application that tests your humor, we can be very serious about DPS/HPS, reflexes, and raid attendance. Can you handle this kind of environment?

    Yes. I play for the grind; I play to improve.

    18.)If there's anything else you want to add; either a self bio, information about friends who may join, or if you simply want us to know something not asked, this is the time to let us know.

    I would like to read the replies of the penguin question, because to be honest I have 0 clue what to say.

    19.)TFB has no guarantee that server transfers will be automatically accepted into the guild. Failure to perform at our level or failure to attend raids reliably during your recruitment period can and will result in denial. Do you accept this risk?


    20.)How did you hear about us?

  2. Astraeus

    Astraeus Pope Benedict Arnold XIV Senior Officer Raid Leader

    Hi there,

    we're going to offer you and your friend Tonic a trial for SL and beyond, however we're on break until prepatch finally drops and even then it'll probably be on heroic (so we can get everyone in the raid). I doubt there'll be much of a hard "trial" until the first heroic raid of the new expansion (because even on heroic sometimes the later parts of the tier can actually be meaty).

    For the time being, we can invite you two to guild and you guys can just hang out until things pick up again, but I admit there may not be a whole lot of activity in game for a week or two (or three who the fuck knows). If that all sounds good, let me know on bnet to come in and ginvite you or you can bother one of the officers. They've got nothing better to do anyway. See you soon!

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