TFB too strong to belong on Gul'dong all night long.

Discussion in 'News' started by Astraeus, May 18, 2017.

  1. Astraeus

    Astraeus Pope Benedict Arnold XIV Senior Officer Raid Leader

    Well done, TFB!


    So concludes the first tier of World of Warcraft: Legion. Congratulations to all who participated in bringing this tier to its knees; from Emerald Nightmare, to Trial of Valor, and finally the Nighthold. Enjoy the month or so of farming before ToS, and once again, great job TFB!

  2. Euphorìa

    Euphorìa Squirrel Power Guild Officer

    And a farewell to our noble steed who gallantly died for our kill!
    You will forever be missed, but journey to the endless grassy pastures of next expansion.
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  3. Celebrithil

    Celebrithil Bench Warmer Raider

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  4. Bitonosa

    Bitonosa Nightwing Raider

    This truly was one of the toughest and most draining tiers in WoW history. Great job everyone and see you in ToS!

  5. Auki

    Auki Aids and Air Conditioning Raider

    You a soft lil bitch. :) Grats
  6. Stallions

    Stallions Take my strong hoof Raider

    Must have been nice to be able to participate in that fight. WTB a spotlight for the healers to see me.
  7. Falumir

    Falumir Doucheus Baggus Retired Raider

    Congrats guys, I knew you'd do it!
  8. Bitonosa

    Bitonosa Nightwing Raider

    I looked at our kill footage and we had a res up shortly after we got mavra and just never used it on you lol.

    EDIT: Actually looking back it looks like my ERT just got fucked up on gul dans death
  9. Fsizz

    Fsizz An Illusion Raider

    Hero please!
  10. Bitonosa

    Bitonosa Nightwing Raider

    As you can clearly see from the video, i had no hero debuff at the end of that fight!
  11. Ranubris

    Ranubris Retired Retired Raider

  12. Fez

    Fez The Hat Raider

    I've solved the mystery guys: DPS have time dilation, healers don't. Therefore our debuffs fell off slightly faster than his, so when we hero'd as soon as our debuffs fell off he didn't get it. Science'd.
  13. Bitonosa

    Bitonosa Nightwing Raider

    Fez confirmed. I'm not cray. Ty
  14. Irresistible

    Irresistible Hitman Raider

    Or perhaps, mages just warped time?
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  15. Fsizz

    Fsizz An Illusion Raider

    Wow so deep and meaningful

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