The End of Another WoW Arc(imonde)

Discussion in 'News' started by enku, Dec 10, 2015.

  1. enku

    enku Consigliere Guild Officer

    Placeholder post until we think of a good pun. :)



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  2. Rhp

    Rhp Hitman Raider

    lol ast at the end xD
  3. enku

    enku Consigliere Guild Officer

    it was a toss up between that picture and...

  4. Noremorseqt

    Noremorseqt привет това́рищ Raider

    Grats guys!
  5. Auki

    Auki Aids and Air Conditioning Raider

    Your PS skills are top notch Enku.
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  6. Celebrithil

    Celebrithil Bench Warmer Raider

    Archi Demands Deterred. Good job guys! Time to carry Celeb through!
  7. Thangrol

    Thangrol Hitman Raider

    Stacking Priests OP
  8. Astraeus

    Astraeus Pope Benedict Arnold XIV Senior Officer Raid Leader

    Really not sure I want to change it
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  9. enku

    enku Consigliere Guild Officer

  10. Gladio

    Gladio Consigliere Guild Officer

    Lol enku that title makes it seem like the guild is ending. It should be All Barchimonde no Bite
  11. Auki

    Auki Aids and Air Conditioning Raider

  12. Demyx

    Demyx (_)_)====D Retired Officer

    So can we play DotA2 now? :D
  13. Enst

    Enst The Don Guild Officer

    woot gj ppl
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  14. Auki

    Auki Aids and Air Conditioning Raider

    ALways down for some dota 2.
  15. DeathDefier

    DeathDefier Nice Meme Raider

  16. enku

    enku Consigliere Guild Officer

    I can't take credit for the title it was ninja edited in by someone else
  17. veldock

    veldock Master Chef Senior Raider

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  18. Fez

    Fez The Hat Raider

    This was seven and a half months ago
  19. Doldra

    Doldra Meleesexual Guild Officer

    Seems we're in a drought. Please, fetch me a glass of content...
  20. Stallions

    Stallions Take my strong hoof Raider

    What do you mean a drought of content!? Me and demy were showing our peepees to all the bosses in wod, and that was just tonight!
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