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  1. Celebrithil

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    I make this thread because I don't know why no one else has. Make sure to use spoilerino tags whenever necessary. Highlight your spoiler. You can find the tags in a drop down menu next to the video button when making a post. You then title the spoiler, and anyone who wishes to read it will then click on a red button in your post with that title on it.
    I knew that fuckin black guy was bitten. That was just great when he showed them haha And when they came back into the church, oh damn, I thought Carl no-sighted them bitches through the wall! rofl #WHOTOOKBETH excited for the next one!
  2. Athyndir

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    Actively watch and thus, would highly recommend the following:

    American Horror Story
    Walking Dead
    New Girl
    Game of Thrones
    Hannibal (probably the best show on TV right now)

    All-Time Favorite Non-Animes:

    The Office (american version)
    King of the Hill
    Batman The Animated Series
  3. Grimdel

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    so sad honey boo boo got cancelled
  4. Noremorseqt

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    OMG Hannibal is really quite good. Started watching that shit on Hulu a few months ago and couldn't stop. Mads Mikkelsen is phenomenal as Hannibal. Havent seen any episodes from the 2nd season tho. Is it good?

    Arrow is also good and I highly enjoy it. While I recommend it, I think Smallville and Flash are a bit better.
  5. Celebrithil

    Celebrithil Bench Warmer Raider

    I'm wondering how connected Flash is to Arrow. I haven't started watching this season of either, being a little shorter on time these days. I might even watch them tonight. I seem to be caught up on everything for once. I watched the first episode of Flash a while back when it got leaked somehow and the Arrow guy made an appearance at the end. I think it's pretty cool. Hope they tie them together more than vampire diaries and the originals did. Don't judge me on those. I watch pretty much everything I have time for. Did Hannibal start a new season? I haven't noticed it on icefilms.

    Airing Shows I am Watching:

    once upon a time
    walking dead
    z nation (very much like walking dead, michael welch in it)
    survivor (ya i watch it lol)
    franklin and bash
    the 100
    the league
    the voice (don't look at me like that)
    sons of anarchy
    the originals
    vampire diaries
    sleepy hollow
    the blacklist
    the big bang theory
    family guy
    new girl
    brooklyn 99
    legend of korra
    south park

    Downloading for Later(don't have time for):
    marvel: agents of shield

    I might be missing some, I dunno. There are also a couple new shows I would likely watch too if I thought I would ever have the time. Just like anime, if you have questions about a recent tv show, there's like an 80% chance I've watched it, 100% chance if it is highly rated/supernatural or looks just plain awesome, like gotham. I love every show in that list. If I didn't, I would not be watching it.
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  6. Monstercloud

    Monstercloud Banned

    I like how celeb defends himself for watching "The Voice", but he's not going to get beat up for watching "Big Bang Theory".
  7. Celebrithil

    Celebrithil Bench Warmer Raider

    What's wrong with big bang theory? Sure, they have had a few older guests, but that's nothing to get upset about.:p
  8. Pockit

    Pockit PSSSSSSCCCHT! Raider

    Sons of Anarchy anyone? hmm? hmm?
  9. Celebrithil

    Celebrithil Bench Warmer Raider

    Love sons. So much crazy shit happening in every episode. Still can't believe that guy from justified would dress like that.(Tig's favorite person) I lose my mind after every episode. The secrets, the lies, the reactions to the lies, the consequences, the confessions, the guilt, the betrayal, the revenge, the heartbreak, the number of deaths, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!
  10. Pockit

    Pockit PSSSSSSCCCHT! Raider

    I can't wait to see the look on Jax's face when he finally finds out.
  11. DeathDefier

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    On topic: Walking Dead
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  12. Pockit

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    Rick was fucking cold with the way he dealt with those cannibals. I kind of had a feeling that he was setting them up when the cannibals came out of the bushes because it seemed to obvious for him to just up and leave the Church unguarded with his kids left in there but I did not expect him to slaughter them while they were alive instead of sparing them with a quick death.. I hope they rescue Beth soon. I'm so sick of the group being split up.
  13. Athyndir

    Athyndir Bang Raider

    Yea, the show does (often simultaneously) a lot of great and dumb things.
  14. Ranubris

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    This is how it went in the comics. Almost identical with different characters. I loved it. I was just as brutal as the comics and they're finally getting back to it.
  15. Celebrithil

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    Ya, I can't believe they let the secret slip to Abel like that. If Abel tells anyone other than Jax and the situation is all wrong, it won't be awesome at all. No one believes a kid. I hope they pull it off another way.
  16. Athyndir

    Athyndir Bang Raider

    That video is fucking amazing and really shows how laugh track shows are absolutely the fucking goddamn worst.
  17. Demyx

    Demyx (_)_)====D Retired Officer

    I don't watch a whole lot of TV, but some of my favorites shows are American Horror Story, Parks and Recreation, Game of Thrones, and I was really into Spartacus.

    lol As soon as I bashed on the laugh track in The Big Bang, my mom (who loves it) can't stop noticing it and it annoys the shit out of her.
  18. reohh

    reohh Administrator Senior Officer

    To add to that:

  19. Rewynd

    Rewynd #2 Rouge Guild Officer

    I usually watch some 2 and a half men, (throwbacks w/ sheen, assfaced koocher can blow me)
  20. Celebrithil

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    Not defending it in anyway, but clearly the laughs are part of the show. Otherwise they just look like idiots standing there in silence, or listening to themselves get mocked with sarcastic laughter. I don't know what to say without getting my head smashed in with a Sulfuras by Ath, but I don't see anything wrong with "laugh track" shows. It's what a lot of half hour comedy is. If you don't like laugh tracks, I would give The League a watch. They seem to do good job without the laughs. I avoided watching it for a while because it is now on it's 6th season, but my sister kept suggesting it. When I finally gave it a shot, I watched it all in a week.

    I could likely list like 200 tv shows I have watched, but I think I might lose my mind if I looked at a list. And I would know as soon as I finished the list that it wasn't complete, because I can't possibly remember them all unless they get mentioned somehow. I will have an opinion on almost every show you can think of. Big Bang Theory I will still suggest to anyone that wants to laugh. One mentioned twice already that I haven't watched is American Horror Story, I would love to hear what that is about.

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