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Discussion in 'TFB Chat' started by Celebrithil, Oct 27, 2014.

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    Wow, so I got to watching "Westworld", its on HBO, my god, binge watch this if yur gonna watch it, because its got me wanting more and more. Lots of recognizable actors in this as well. Its about a massive realistic theme park of androids for the wild west. So much back story to work with. And visitors just do whatever they want.
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    Been a while, figured I'd go through some of what I've been watching for people since the season ish kinda endedish. TV is all over the place, why can't it be like anime?

    Found this show called Beyond, just out on something I'm guessing, because they all got uploaded at the same time. Seems legit, something like Heroes prolly. I haven't got to it yet.

    Sherlock started a new little season. Hype! Far as I know its gonna be a mini series thing again.

    New show I watched this last season called Travelers. It's about people coming from the future and taking over the minds of those that were going to die in order to make the future better or save humanity something something. Save the world! All kinds of shit all planned out. There's still that nitpicky time travel stuff where it's like why wouldn't it be this way, but always fun to get mad at things. They gotta make it complicated of course.

    New season of Vikings going on! :eek: Fuckin love this shit.

    There was a Sense8 Christmas special funfun.

    New show called Falling Water. People entering others' dreams and shit. Mostly about trying to get to a little boy, who has like super dream powers crossing reality and shit.

    Oh, I'm liking this show called Incorporated. Futuristic world. Follows a company guy and his past. He's deep under cover doing some stuff I guess. Lots of technology. Only 4 episodes so far.

    New season of Humans. I don't think this is done yet. 8 episodes of the season so far

    The Great Indoors is a new comedy, its alright. Magazine company, older guy comes back from the field to work with millenials.

    Timeless was alright. More time travel if you couldn't guess. Little bit frustrating how they're doing it. At least in Travelers, you aren't seeing 2 time periods.

    And a list for whatever else:

    Brooklyn 99 - 4th season
    The Librarians - This is alright, goofy and magic stuff. 2nd season
    Salem - 2nd season, haven't watched it yet
    Z Nation - 3rd season, goofy and zombies
    Big Bang Theory
    The Voice
    Survivor millenials vs gen x
    Scream Queens - 2nd season, goofy and murder
    Teen Wolf - 6th season
    New Girl - 6th season
    The Odd Couple - 3rd season
    Kevin can Wait - new family comedy
    2 Broke Girls - 6th season
    Walking Dead
    Family guy
    Van Helsing - turned out pretty decent, season 2 potential
    Vampire Diaries
    DC comic shows Arrow/Flash/Supergirl/Legends
    South Park
    Agents of Shield
    Westworld - good shit
    Once Upon a Time - 6th season
    Class - branch off of Doctor Who, follows highschools kids dealing with a time rift thing near the school
    Lucifer - modern, devil is a club owner, came up because he didnt like hell anymore. He assists a female detective in police cases, often, unbeknownst to her, crossing into his world of supernatural angel/God things
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    Also got back into Doctor Who for a bit because nothing new was airing for a bit. That last Doctor is not as bad as I expected. Still not acceptable as the Doctor to me but he hasn't screwed it all up yet.
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    Watched the pilot of Beyond. More similar to Chronicle.
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    Beyond was good stuff. Binged it all last night. It's got the Chronicle thing but it also has a kinda Narnia/Matrix thing as well that is pretty vague. They don't show much there. I can't compare it with anything very well.
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    That last episode of The 100 haha The Aragorn reproduction by the river with the horse lol

    make 1.25 speed
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    Who watches This is Us? I'm trying to avoid it, but it has so much praise.
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    Well Vampire Diaries had a shit ending, oh well.
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    jesus, this tribal council, fucking nuts

    only full version i could find, i'd upload myself but this is good enough
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    halfway through this "13 reasons why" everything reminds me of the game "life is strange". gotta be a strong influence there. lovin it

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