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  1. Twotrapz

    Twotrapz Bodyguard Applicant

    1.)Character Name: Twotrapz
    2.)Character Class: Hunter
    3.)Which role are you primarily applying for?: Ranged DPS
    4.)Armory Profile Link:


    6.)Please provide us with a link to your WarcraftLogs:

    7.)Why do you want to join TFB? Why are you searching for a guild, and what expectations do you have?:

    I know that TFB has been around for a very long time and has been able to maintain a competitive spot in the raid scene. Both of those things are very appealing to me. Also, the raid times are extremely good for me, which is something a little difficult to find with being CST. I am also finishing my last year of graduate school and I'm wanting to raid at a competitive level while playing at a more relaxed schedule.

    8.)Are you easily offended by racist, sexist, or other such humor?


    9.)Do you have any friends within TFB? Any enemies?


    10.)Do you have any alts worth mentioning?

    I have an ele shaman and shadow priest.

    11.)How do you ensure you handle mechanics with the highest success?

    I mainly watch streams during prog and kill videos to see how other guilds are handling mechanics and how certain classes are handling mechanics. Also, I look at logs if they are available. I usually make some tweaks to weakauras (sounds, animations) to make sure that they are emphasizing the mechanics as well.

    12.)Why do you play this game? What keeps you motivated to keep coming back for more?

    I like the competitiveness of the game and the social aspect of the game. I also enjoy playing different alts and learning different play styles with those alts.

    13.)How do you keep up to date on your class?

    I mainly look at logs of other hunters, wowhead, icy-veins, hunter discord, etc. Sometimes these resources can be lack luster or give some false information, so I mainly try to look at logs when I can find them - either from the live or ptr testing.

    14.)An LGBTQ penguin walks through the door right now wearing a sombrero and demands you use their preferred gender pronouns. What do they say and what do you say back?

    Um, if I'm seeing a talking penguin wearing a sombrero then I've probably been up for like 48 hours or something and I'm hallucinating or I've taken something to make me hallucinate so I don't really know what I'd say to the penguin. Hopefully the penguin would be doing the little tiktok or whatever saying its pronouns are he cause I'll never be him, then Chris Bumstead shows up.

    15.)What previous raiding experience do you have?

    I've played every expansion since BC. My highest rated experience was during BFA. I raided top 20 US with TF and Infinity during Uldir. I just have not really been able to find the right guild, which has led me to taking breaks from the game.

    16.)What can we expect from you in our raids?

    For the most part I'm pretty quiet in raids unless there's an issue in the fight that nots to be addressed. I'm come to raid prepared for the fights and I kind of do take my time during raid serious. I'll cut up and stuff at times, but I mostly want to make that time count for progressing during the tier.

    17.)Despite our 3 day a week raid schedule and having an application that tests your humor, we can be very serious about DPS/HPS, reflexes, and raid attendance. Can you handle this kind of environment?


    18.)If there's anything else you want to add; either a self bio, information about friends who may join, or if you simply want us to know something not asked, this is the time to let us know.

    I'm 28 years old and I'm currently finishing my final year of graduate school. I'm pretty laid back and quiet for the most part, especially when I first meet new people. I mainly just play WoW or watch sports in my free time if I'm not doing stuff outdoors.

    19.)TFB has no guarantee that server transfers will be automatically accepted into the guild. Failure to perform at our level or failure to attend raids reliably during your recruitment period can and will result in denial. Do you accept this risk?


    20.)How did you hear about us?

    We Contacted You
  2. Astraeus

    Astraeus Pope Benedict Arnold XIV Senior Officer Raid Leader

    Hi there,

    I'm not so sure about a third hunter for our raid team, however we have only one shadow priest and while they weren't OMEGA-KING-SHIT this tier, that only makes me think next tier is gonna be the one you want more than one.

    I know it's your alt, and it might require some gear through mythic clearing, but are you interested in making the swap to shadow priest, and more importantly, would you enjoy it?

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